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All The Way LIVE: Scorzayzee

February 9, 2011

A lot to get covered from CRS Entertainment and Dealmaker Records latest showcase, so we’ll get the ball rolling…

Inkrument set the precedent for quality hip-hop with their usual variety box of Samwise’s deft bars, Foz’s sharp beatboxing and some mouth-watering cuts by the man on the ones and twos, Dan Rattomatic. After recent viewings, I’m in danger of sounding like Inkrument’s PR man/super-fan, but these guys are a group who definitely deserve the hype. Check debut album Rrrare for fresh sounds informed by rap’s Golden Age or see their live show for a vibe that’s straight out of the parks in 1990s Queens.

A hip-hop show in Nottingham just wouldn’t feel right without the sight of the mighty Cappo. Luckily, this was one of those nights and Sir Capps delivered an unexpected one-two punch of visceral rhymes and mixtapes by DJ Donnie Propa, flung forth from the stage.

Then it was time for Luton rap legends Phi Life Cypher to show us how they hold it down in one of the UK’s biggest airport towns. Material from their seminal 2000 album Millennium Metaphors like THC ode Herbaholics as well as tunes from an upcoming LP combined to give the audience a musical feast of patois-infused rhymes. They closed with a good 15 minutes of freestyling, with their on-point spitting really getting the tentative audience going for the first time in the evening.

The stage then erupted with red lights and a montage of movie clips, signalling the arrival of Nottingham rap scene legend and film star in his own right, Scorzayzee. A blockbusting opening for what would be a mammoth set.

The crowd lapped up Don’t F*** With My High, before a marathon 100-odd bars with Scorz going acapella. The former OutdaVille man then showed off his lyrical dexterity on the cheeky cover versions Casio Sweep and Diss Me Through The Phone as well as classics Luv Me, Great Britain and a compendium of Big Pun beats.

Scorzayzee is a man clearly loved by his Nottingham fans and he repaid their adoration by smashing it like Richard Keys (get it circulated, kids). The only criticism to level at his set was the sheer length. After guest spots from, among others, MC Juga-Naut, a soulful turn from Notts lovely Nina Smith and the return of female rapper Tempa (“yagetmeh, yagetmeh”) the night ran to well over two hours longer than billed. But this is less looking a gift horse in the mouth than asking for its employer references and mortgage details.

Scorzayzee, Phi Life Cypher, Cappo and Inkrument played at the Rescue Rooms on Friday 4 February 2011. The night was put on by Dealmaker Records and CRS Entertainment.

Originally published at, February 7, 2011.

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