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All The Way LIVE: Urban Art Night

January 10, 2011

1st Blood

For the second time in as many months, Nottingham Contemporary played host to a night of urban music from Nottingham. This time round, local lads 1st Blood took top billing, with regulars Inkrument and new girl Harleighblu in tow.

Saturday’s Urban Art Night saw The Space at the ‘Temp turned from gallery space (where only recently a giant walk-in space suit engulfed the room) into soundstage. First up, hip-hop funsters Inkrument. Their last LeftLion review ended up being quite controversial with the old-school heads in Internetland, but if you’re into these guys they brought more of the same good-time rap music that has brought them their reputation.

Inkrument's Foz

Foz’s champion beatboxing, Samwise’s on-point rhymes and Dan Rattomatic’s precise cuts got the front rows moving, while the little rascals referenced pop music like Dizzee, JT, MJ and Britney. With banging tunes from their new album Rrare and a classic Britney cover thrown in, the guys’ audience participation set the tone for the night.

1st Blood continued in the same vein with more quality raps, this time coming from Pete, Leech and Louis Cypher. Backed by guitar, bass, drums, trumpet and even a Moog synth, they brought the feel of their ‘BloodLeech’ album to a live stage. Dan was back behind the decks turning Super Duck Breaks into Super Duck Soup, while favourites Cappo and Rukus popped up for a few bars just to get things going.

The highlight of the night had to be 18 year old Nottingham lass Harleighblu, though. When she did her mic check with DITC playing in the background, it was obvious this girl was going to be as cool as funk. Replete with a full lounge band including a double bass and Natalie Duncan on keys, Harleigh and the guys ran through a set which could have been twice as long with people still wanting more. In Love with Love and the ridiculously funky Yesterday stood out, while closer I Shot the Sheriff was a perfect ending (not that I’m biased).

Urban Art Night took place at Nottingham Contemporary on Saturday  October 2, 2010.

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