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BloodLeech – Eat Defeat (LP, 1st Blood Records)

January 7, 2011

Rolling deeper than the McQueen sisters, 1st Blood and Leech bring this collection featuring the cream of Nottingham’s MCs, singers and producers. As you would expect, there is the usual heavyweight hip-hop flavoured with a Nottingham twang, as well as a smoother soul sound.
Quality raps are showcased on Why the Long Face?, featuring Notts legend Cappo, while his pal Rukus absolutely smashes two verses on Flick Ya Lighter. Posse cut Rewriting The Rulebook flows at an urgently head-nodding tempo, enhanced by bars from Allergy and Tom G of Ill Citizen, 1st Blood regular Louis Cypher, Tony Skank and Opticus Rhyme. You Can’t Play Games sees rapper 2Tone lovingly reminiscing over the canon of classic video-games like Streets of Rage, Sonic and Goldeneye. They change genres on the reggae-infused BBQ banger Can’t Say Why, where Liam Bailey provides a perfect lilting hook. Liam pops up again with a soulful Finley Quaye-sounding chorus on Super Shining. Another brilliant local singer, Jay Thomas’ sultry vocals give mellow track Leech Experiment (Storyboards) a sound much like Portishead at their best. More great female vocals come from Charlotte Sanderson on Tumble, punctuated with hearty raps from Jah Digga. Topped off with great production and superior cuts and scratches from NG’s finest DJ Dan Rattomatic, Eat Defeat is a perfect starting point to explore the wide range of talent in Nottingham’s urban scene.

Available from 1st Blood’s website

Originally published in LeftLion magazine Oct-Nov 2010.

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