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All The Way LIVE: Inkrument

September 2, 2010

Art and rap go together like cheese and beans. But the wildstyle graffiti backdrop of Lee Quinones is usually conjured up when you think of hippedy-hop, rather than Diane Arbus’ monochrome photo portraits.

But such was the case when Inkrument hosted a free party to launch their debut LP at Nottingham Contemporary. Well, I tell a lie, the night was actually held in the swish cafe downstairs (Cafe Bar Contemporary) and some of Inkrument’s closest industry pals were there to support them.

Beatmasta Bill and Kumarachi setthe tone on the decks before Inkrument DJ supremo Dan Rattomatic took over with an abstract mix of boom bap, breaks and dubstep. Next artist to exhibit: people’s champ Karizma. If you’re from Notts and you’re not familiar with this guy’s skills, then try to catch him whenever you can. Freestyles, grime MCing and a real personality that lives up to his name. It’s just a shame the sound levels weren’t quite there by the time he started.

After Karizma’s encore with Foz, the curators of the show were on. Consisting rapper Samwise, Foz the beatboxer and DJ Dan Rattomatic these guys could only be more hip-hop if Flavor Flav had been there body-popping and scrawling ‘P.E. 4EVA MATE’ on the walls. With all the fun of Ugly Duckling mixed with MOP, their set was a great advert for UK hip-hop. They played classic tunes like the imposing Walk On By and the title track from new album ‘Rrrare’ (sample line: “You know what’s rrrare?/ Rubik’s cubes and old Care Bears are both quite rrrare”).

But where the Inkrument lads really excel is in their live shows. There was audience-wide beatbox tuition from former UK champion Foz, the diverse flow of Samwise on tracks like the anthemic ABC and Dan Rattomatic’s precise scratching providing the perfect flourish. Add to that an interactive guess-the-tune, cameos from Karizma, acoustic guitar and even a Britney cover. And they said variety is dead. Come to think of it, they said hip-hop was dead too. All that excitement and there was still more to come. The Elementz, the super producers who mixed and mastered ‘Rrrare’, ended the night with a dancefloor-shattering DJ set. Top party!

Inkrument played at Cafe Bar Contemporary on Saturday 21 August 2010. Their debut album ‘Rrrare’ is out now on Dealmaker Records.

Inkrument website

Originally published at, Monday August 23, 2010.

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  1. suz permalink
    September 18, 2010 1:41 am

    Hi, i have randomly found you through a haze of rum and pre-holiday jitters! My mister and I are heading Nottingham direction on monday and are looking for some decent local metal gigs/jams/random noodling on guitars to enjoy. You popped up on
    Any chance you could direct us to some undiscovered Nottigham talent?

    Any and all help would be welcomed, might even get you a pint. That is unless your an axe weilding maniac with a human spine collection, in which case you’d get a jager as well.
    Two jagers if you’ve got a human centipiede tattoo !!!
    Cheers in advance (hopefully) Suz & Steve

    • September 18, 2010 2:20 pm

      Hi! Unfortunately i know nothing about metal, but would probably try The Rig at Rock City, The Salutation on Maid Marian Way and The Turf Tavern at The Cornerhouse as starting points. You should also post a thread on the Left Lion forum – they will know more than me.
      Good luck and have fun!

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