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All The Way LIVE: Dealmaker vs Wigflex

March 24, 2010

Ali versus Frazier. Bruno versus Tyson. Bovey versus Gervais. These epic battles have become the stuff of legend and hoping to join them in the history books at Stealth were Nottingham record labels and pugilistic promoters Dealmaker and Wigflex. Each corner was represented stylistically by hip-hop heavyweights Taskforce for Dealmaker and dubstep deity Kode 9 for Wigflex.

But which would emerge victorious from the ring to take the belt for their genre? Ding, ding, round one. Former Kids in Tracksuits producer Lone took on the first bout of the night in Room One while Wigflex regulars Slevarance and Reprogression worked the decks in Room Two. Lone’s hip-hop and electro combos were quite a match for the dubstep boys’ wobbly basslines and samples.

Next up for Dealmaker were Inkrument – a Nottingham four-piece comprising beatboxer Foz,
MCs Edison and Samwise and DJ Dan Rattomatic. Without Edison for this match, the lads still came correct with a set of heavy, guitar-driven beats, cuts, clever rhymes and audience participation. Incorporating remixes of RJD2 and a show-stopping finale of Britney’s Toxic, these guys are one to look out for. Wigflex head honcho Spamchop warmed up Room 2 on a drizzly evening with some dub as cartoon-like in its playfulness as his awesome self-designed flyers. London rhymer DJ Rubbish played to the crowd as he freestyled over Madlib beats and cuts by Dealmaker man Johnny Crump. Clothed in a ‘Left-wing idiot’ t-shirt, his showboating raps commented jokingly on Nottingham, the police and fake IDs.

This was fine support for the headline act – UK hip-hop perennials Taskforce. The Brothers McBain were joined on stage by DJ Louis Slipperz and MC Remus (who you may remember kicking rhymes as hard as rocks when he was a mere ten-year-old). Channeling eclectic rap like Cypress Hill, MOP and Siah and Yeshua DapoED, the duo dug out crowd favourites like Grafdabusup, Something to Feel and Wah Blow.

As it was such a brilliant atmosphere, this reviewer completely forgot to check out Heavy Dub champions Kode 9 and Darkstar in Room Two so judged Dealmaker to win this match-up by technical knockout.

Dealmaker vs Wigflex as at Stealth on Friday March 19, 2010.
Originally published at on Tuesday, March 23, 2010.

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