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Funkin’ Off Lectures: Bootsy Collins’ Funk University

March 12, 2010

FUNK empresario Bootsy Collins has teamed up with PM Gordon Brown in an attempt to boost university attendance rates, despite protest from lobby groups.
His open university teaching slap bass and hilarious lyrics will open on July 1 for “intermediate to advanced funk disciples.”
The former Parliament-Funkadelic crazy indicated on the website “a groove is a terrible thing to waste [so] this sonic learning institution will be unlike anything before.”
Professor Collins added: “If you funky and you know it, throw dem hands up and show it.”
This news comes just as the Association of Graduate Recruiters called to scrap the government’s proposals to get 50% of under-30s into university, on Tuesday.
AGR spokesman George Klinton said: “We hope these measures will help reaffirm the value of a degree.
“For a start, a degree in juicy bass technique is an unlikely tool to forge a career with – there just isn’t the call for funk musicians there once was.
“I blame immigration… and the White Stripes,” he added.

To sign up for the first semester, visit Bootsy Collins’ Funk University and provide your contact details.

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