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***KANYE NEW BLOG ALERT!*** Stop what you’re doing, plebs!

March 4, 2010

As the regular reader of this blog will know by now, Dope on a Rope has nothing but mad love and jealousy for the ‘Ye Man. And are obviously not interested in his music whatsoever – which is why his new blog is so exciting! The magpie of hip-hop’s shiny new web home covers all manner of wanky American fashion photos without bothering his followers with any tiresome ‘new music’ or ‘words’ (*edit – actually he mentioned something about pyramids, brushing his teeth, Alexander McQueen and being Malcolm X). Just to point out that he is like totally not gay, ‘his’ (some unfortunate employee’s) first post is of Sinead O’Connor-alike Amber Rose ripping off Jean-Paul Goude’s raunchy photo of “crazier-than-a-bag-of-PCP” Grace Jones.

Check it out here, then bookmark it, add it to your favourites, ping it to your colleagues, scrawl it across your fridge and tattoo it on to your forehead with a Biro.

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