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The Restaurant

December 18, 2009

Well Quel-bloody-surprise. Minus the sarcasm. For anyone who has been watching the frankly excellent The Restaurant with Raymond Blanc this series will probably have been somewhat shocked at last night’s finale. In a bizarre twist of fate, the decision to open one of the pair’s restaurants went to blaggers of the century JJ and James. Not knowing how to cook didn’t seem to be a problem for Brian Flanagan-wannabe JJ, as he opted to get his guests pissed instead of feeding them. You have to almost feel sorry for Chris (the only person in the competition who didn’t need a recipe to boil an egg) and even a little bit for bolshy partner Nathan (Basil Fawlty crossed with Theo Walcott).

Well, bon chance to them all, as the Alan Sugar of food fetishists would say. At least that’s the last we’ll have to see of that awful mother and daughter trying to crack a coconut with a knife on the opening credits…

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