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November 24, 2009

TELEVISION history was made today when breakdown-prone Denise Welch livened up every unemployed person’s breakfast by using the C-word on air.

Loose Women panellist Welch quoted one of her friends using the four-letter obscenity which was clearly audible and visible.

“That’s David Bowie, you c*nt,” said Welch.

The rest of the bus-pass harem looked on in shock while amiable host Andrea McLean passed on the producers’ grovelling apologies a little after 12.35pm.

This came just 18 months after ITV were lambasted for allowing Creature from the Black Lagoon-lookalike Joan Rivers to insult mental actor Russell Crowe on live television.

She said: “He is a piece of – get ready to bleep this – f*cking sh*t.”

– Where were you when Denise Welch said ‘c*nt’? Send your answers on a postcard for your chance to win one of Dope on a Rope’s classic souvenir t-shirts. Available in dole sizes XXL – XXXL.

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  1. Chris N permalink
    November 24, 2009 8:04 pm

    I was just about to finish off my pot noodle and follow it up with the wank course when I heard her say that word. Needless to say it went straight in the spank bank

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